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Trip Blog

Saturday- Goodbyes

Posted by Team Leader on

Saturday morning was one of the hardest mornings of the week, we had to say goodbye to all the kids that we stayed with at the camp. We said goodbye with lots of hugs and tears. All of the buses came between 9 and 10 and the campers piled in sometimes three to a seat with some in the aisles. It...

Friday-Decisions & Carnival

Posted by Team Leader on

So here we are sitting thinking back to yesterday, Friday, as we write this blog. It was my favorite day of the week, which is saying a lot if you have been following and reading the amazing stories from all the previous days (by the way, thank you for doing so! It has been such a privilege to...

Flights cancelled- urgent prayer requested

Posted by Team Leader on

attention all team member families… Due to the winter storm, all our flights were cancelled…  We are currently expected to leave Panama tomorrow afternoon to spend the night in Houston.  Arriving in Pittsburgh, via Denver, just before midnight on Monday.  We will...

Fogata y S’mores y Jesus

Posted by Team Leader on

Thursday was another beautiful day in Chame. It started for some of our team at 6:30am with the chance to help out in the kitchen cracking 600 eggs and prepping sausages. It is always amazing to me to see Blanca cook for 300 people but have it seem as though each meal was made for just a...

The second day of camp!

Posted by Team Leader on

The second day of camp! Today at devotions, our group talked about the importance of creating relationships and being intentional with our conversations to create a connection. It’s hard to create connections when you don’t speak the same language as the person you are talking to...

Monday is Camp Day!

Posted by Team Leader on

Monday is Camp Day!!! Good Morning Chame!!! We arrived in the dark and woke up to the beautiful sunshine and gorgeous view of and around Palabra de Vida (Word of Life)! After taking in God’s amazing creations, we at breakfast together and then started our morning with a group devotion and...