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Trip Blog

RSH Panama Day One: Thursday, July 7

Posted by Team Leader on

The Bible Chapel Panama 2016 Group was due into Tocumen  a little before 9 pm on Wednesday, June 6. We got here a little before midnight. Despite a few delays in Atlanta, we all arrived safely to our destination and made it through customs, boarding the buses which then took us to...

Last Day: The Turning Point

Posted by Team Leader on

I’ve felt so many different things on this trip. It has been exhausting both physically and emotionally. I’ve met so many different amazing people that have impacted my life so deeply that I don’t think I could ever forget a single one of them. Over the past week we have been...

Blackberries in BeechMont

Posted by Team Leader on

Today the blackberry group was on breakfast crew. Breakfast crew is when you group prepares breakfast for the entire group. After we did devotions in the morning our group left for Kids Club which is basically a V.B.S for the whole summer. My main focus for Kids Club was discovery. In discovery...

Old Friends and New Experiences

Posted by Team Leader on

  Shelby:   This is day two of serving at the Salvation Army.   We were expecting to be put at a different work site because we were at the Salvation Army last year. Anxiously, we waited for the list of groups and where they were serving. All the sudden we saw our last...

First Day Goodness

Posted by Team Leader on

Today my group and I went to a Catholic Charities for refugees.  Despite language barriers we were still able to talk to the refugees there.  We then went and had a nice lunch outside.  After that we went to move stuff into homes.  We then went to see downtown Kentucky, where...

Disco Fever

Posted by Luke McClain on

Today was the first day of the mission trip. The mission trip team met in the Bible Chapel parking lot and were told their assigned vans. The road trip was approximately 7 hours; it was full of energy and fun. At first, lots of the energy shown through, but as the energy wore off, the students...

No Power, No Problem

Posted by Team Leader on

As we reflect on this week’s trip the words that come to mind are community. When you walk into any Impacto church across Honduras, you immediately feel welcome. From the greeters, pastors, worship team, and congregants everyone welcomes you with a warm smile and hug. We feel blessed to...

Panama Day 6

Posted by Team Leader on

Hola from Panama! We started the day a bit later with breakfast and a devotion at 9:00 because we went to bed at 12:30 am last night. Fernando  shared his devotion on Galatians 5:13-26, including how to live your life 24/7 by the Spirit, and the Golden Rule in verse 14: Love your neighbor...

Panama Day 5

Posted by Team Leader on

Hola from Panama! Wow – What a day, what a blessing! Today has been such an amazing day filled with love and happy faces. We started our day around 8, where we had breakfast at the camp and Ellian shared Galatians 6:1-2 for his devotion; verse two really stuck out to all of us...