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Trip Blog

Day Nine - Wrapping It Up


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As our trip comes to a close, we are preparing for what will surely be a very difficult goodbye tomorrow.  We devoted our last work day in Mathare to finishing our projects from the week and preparing to tell our stories to our brothers and sisters back home. This morning, we...

Scavenger Hunts & Apples To Apples


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Today we went to Louisville, Kentucky to start off our mission trip. This morning our group met at The Bible Chapel South Hills Campus to get one last moment all together as one big group. When we first arrived we saw our friends and found out what friends we will be heading down to Kentucky...

Day Eight - The Longest Distance


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On our last Sunday in Kenya, we spent the majority of our day at Zion's three church services.  We are still intrigued by the scheduling of events in Kenya; the services have starting and finishing times listed in the bulletin, but they seem to begin without warning and...

Day Seven - Expanding Boundaries


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Our team was mostly split up today as we completed various projects at AIC Zion.  We immensely enjoy spending time with the students and striving to improve the school, church, and facilities that will ultimately allow them to succeed. Eric devoted his day to working with local...

Day Six - Knowledge is Power

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Today we joined a group of Zion's primary school students on a field trip to Reverend Wambua's hometown in the countryside.  Both the students and the team enjoyed a reprieve from the slums and a breath of fresh air in the majestic Kenyan "upcountry."  Alan, Matthew, and Ben...

Day Five - Come to Zion

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As Alan said this morning, "today will be a typical day at Zion."  Our team is becoming more and more accustomed to the spontaneous "Africa time," and we are learning that the days on which we "freestyle" without a schedule are actually the most productive and impactful. The team...

Day Four - What's the WiFi Password?


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Today was spent ministering to a Maasai village located a few hours south of Nairobi.  The Maasai were very welcoming to our team as they invited us into their mud-walled homes, showed us their thousands of cattle and goats, and described their way of life without...

Day Three - Evangelizing in the Slums


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Day three was an emotional rollercoaster.  The morning began with our team and a handful of Kenyans painting a sheet metal wall that was rebuilt after a slum fire in December; working together allowed us to continue to bond with our Kenyan friends, both new and old.  John prided...

Day Two - Interacting with Students


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Our second day in Kenya was long and tiring, but very fruitful and encouraging nonetheless.  We ate breakfast at 7:00am and spoke with Benson, a member of AIC Zion and an employee at our hotel who was eager to see us again after meeting us at church yesterday. This...