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Trip Blog

Testimonies, Leadership and Fellowship


Posted by Glenn Delich on

It’s hard to know where to begin when our time here has been so blessed and we’ve enjoyed so many high points. The past two evenings we’ve shared testimonies with the girls of Faith House. I noticed as Vonnie & Scott did their testimonies the girls couldn’t take their...

The Victims of the Burmese War


Posted by Team Leader on

Today was a sobering day.  We traveled an hour north along the Thai/Burma boarder to visit a refugee camp that is home to 50,000 Karen (ethnic minority people from Burma) who have escaped ethnic cleansing by the military government in their home country.  These people have fallen...

Blessings Are Plentiful


Posted by Vonnie Teagarden on

 I have to begin by saying that this blog will not be objective because there is too much emotion revolving around this day’s activities, teachings and encounters. Every hour spent at Faith House and with the girls and staff who reside there is full of blessings and positive...

Our First Full Day in Mae Sot


Posted by Jaclyn Royall on

Today was our first full day here in Mae Sot! Yesterday when we landed we jumped right into things here. We met Maria and Grace at the airport, dropped out luggage off at our hotel, and headed out to the village. Maria, and all the girls at Faith House do such a wonderful job of ministering to...

Bitter Sweet Return 01/28/2018


Posted by Team Leader on

Friday  A portion of our team chose to climb Mt. Chame around 5:15 AM in hopes of returning to camp by 10:00 AM for testimonies.  The jungle and mountain is a beautiful reminder of God’s creative beauty.  We were led by the Bible Chapel’s, Trent Morris (in the Bible...

Tell the World of the Treasure You Found


Posted by Team Leader on

It's so beautiful how God stirs our affections. This week was full of discovery, challenge, and beauty. In the past two days, the Holy Spirit was so evident in everything here at camp. The leaders here at the Word of Life camp waste no time sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So many kids came...

Jose & Marcela Martinez

Posted by Jon Dixon on

Each day the camp conducts Staff Devotions at 7:30 AM. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Jon and Julie Dixon, Steve Renz and Brian Miller, and Brian Deiseroth have led the worship service for the day. This has been an honor! After breakfast at 9:00 AM our team meets outside under the shade of...

God Is Always Faithful


Posted by Team Leader on

What a day! Today was the first full day of camp for the kids, and oh boy, was it full! There was time for devotionals, songs, meals, pool time, free time, the playground, and crafts! Our team was in charge of the the craft for the week. The kids have the opportunity to decorate their own canvas...

God Always Comes Through


Posted by Team Leader on

The days leading up to this trip we asked our friends and family around us to be in prayer for safe travels through Saturday. Even though we had to be at the airport at 5:30 a.m., getting through security was easy peasy. Our travels were smooth all the way from Pittsburgh to Houston and from...