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Final Panama 2020 Week Two Post: 1/25 & 1/26

Posted by Team Leader on

The buses started rolling in Saturday morning to pick up the kids who now had new friends, happy memories, a suitcase full of dirty clothes and a deeper walk with God.  As they head back home we trust and pray that they will remember the beautiful Truth that God is good!  Each daily...

Panama Week Two: Friday, 1/24


Posted by Team Leader on

The last full day of children’s Bible camp in Chame, Panama always comes too quickly. Once again it was a jam packed day with the daily Bible teaching, singing (and dancing to) the songs that have now become favorites of each kid and grown-up, enjoying yummy food (Blanca is amazing in the...

Panama Week Two: Thursday, 1/23

Posted by Team Leader on

Another full day at camp! Our team further organized the clothing donations for distributing to the kids tomorrow.  We are excited and also prepared for some chaos ;) Fernando has a busy morning in the infirmary but said he had a slower day which is great news! More lifeguard duty and we...

Panama 2020 Week Two- Wednesday, 1/22

Posted by Team Leader on

We started our day by thanking God for giving us the opportunity to serve Him during this camp season. Brian Miller led our devotional with an emphasis to care for widows and orphans, James 1:27. In the past, people knew who was a Christian because they would care for the widows and the...

Panama 2020 Week Two: Tuesday, 1/21

Posted by Team Leader on

Buenos Dias! We’re keeping this one short so we can get some proper sleep tonight! This morning continuing to focus in on Scripture about God’s love, we discussed the stewardship of God’s resources and application of 1st John 3:16-18 in our lives. He blesses us to be a...

Panama 2020 Week Two: Monday, 1/20

Posted by Team Leader on

The children have arrived and *should be* now fast asleep! We don’t know how they couldn’t be totally exhausted! After the children’s exciting arrival, lunch, swimming (we got the opportunity to serve as lifeguards, but Fernando spent the day serving as doctor), games, and...

January 2020 Panama Trip - Day 6

Posted by Team Leader on

Hello everyone!   Friday was a day full of work and a lot of fun! We started the day by climbing Mt Chame as a team.  Great views of God's creation and great team building.  Those who stayed back treated kids in the new infirmary with sicknesses and a badly busted lip. When...

Panama 2020 Week Two: Sunday 1/19!

Posted by Team Leader on

Winding down from a semi-laid-back day, we started off with a slow-paced morning at the hotel we were at from last night by the airport.  We were able to spend time in devotion together before our ride was available to bring us to camp (2 hours away) and it was a blessing for us. We were...

Team 2 Has Arrived in Panama!


Posted by Team Leader on

Hola amigos! Team two had a really awesome travel day! Not totally uncommon to run into people you know at the PGH airport,  but we were on the same flight as one of the missionaries the Bible Chapel supports, and another couple who has been highly involved with Panama missions from...