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The Endurance Foundation

Impacting the future for Christ

Building the Kingdom

The Endurance Foundation is an organization that uses planned giving principles to enable people in all stages of their lives to play a larger role in kingdom-building.

Through The Endurance Foundation, you can come alongside The Bible Chapel in our mission to develop followers of Jesus Christ, and contribute to this mission in significant and tangible ways that multiply over generations.

If you are ready to make a bigger impact for Christ, The Endurance Foundation can help make that happen.

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What is Planned Giving?


Planned giving enables you to ask yourself what kind of impact you want to make over your lifetime, rather than just over this year. Through planned giving, you can contribute to the church and its mission as part of your long-term financial planning.


Planned giving:



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Where does your investment go?


The Endurance Foundation will work with you to target your contribution according to your wishes. We offer three broad categories of projects that you can support:



Do you have a kingdom-focused vision you want to support?

We can partner with you in putting your vision in motion. Contact us at .