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You Won't Find What You're Looking For in Your Man-Cave

Posted by Wayne Johnson on

Pranks are not uncommon here at The Bible Chapel. Our Executive Director, Bill Harmon, recently came back from a trip to find his office converted into a cave! A few other staff members had decided it was the obvious thing to do with the leftover "Cave Quest" VBS decorations.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this ruse. In looking at the picture I was reminded of one of my favorite passages on wisdom, which is found in Job 28. I wrote to Bill saying, "You won’t find what you are looking for in your man-cave."

The further along we move in life, the more important wisdom and understanding are to most people. Job 28 creates for us a picture of the great depths people will go to get what is valuable to them. They will go deep into the earth to get what they want. Job points out that no sane bird or animal would go where humans will go in the pursuit of their treasure. We’re tempted to sacrifice it all – our relationship with God, our family, a balanced life – in pursuit of our piece of fame, fortune, or power. But are these really that important? Do they satisfy? They don’t. Scripture instructs us that it is wisdom and understanding that is important. This comes from fearing God and choosing obedience over sin and evil.

Here's how Scripture puts it in Job 28:

There is a mine for silver
    and a place where gold is refined.
Iron is taken from the earth,
    and copper is smelted from ore.
Mortals put an end to the darkness;
    they search out the farthest recesses
    for ore in the blackest darkness.
Far from human dwellings they cut a shaft,
    in places untouched by human feet;
    far from other people they dangle and sway.
The earth, from which food comes,
    is transformed below as by fire;
lapis lazuli comes from its rocks,
    and its dust contains nuggets of gold.
No bird of prey knows that hidden path,
    no falcon’s eye has seen it.
Proud beasts do not set foot on it,
    and no lion prowls there.
People assault the flinty rock with their hands
    and lay bare the roots of the mountains.
10 They tunnel through the rock;
    their eyes see all its treasures.
11 They search[a] the sources of the rivers
    and bring hidden things to light.

12 But where can wisdom be found?
    Where does understanding dwell?


28 And [God] said to the human race,
    "The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom,
    and to shun evil is understanding."

So what about you? Where have you gone in pursuit of treasure? What "hidden path" have you been willing to take? And what have you learned from that? We want to hear about the wisdom and understanding you've gained. Let us know in the comments below!


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