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When Fear Comes, Fight Back!

Posted by Ron Moore on

Fear is inevitable. How we deal with our fear - that is the issue. Will we become spiritually paralyzed, refusing to embrace what God has for us? Will we run away from God to find our comfort in unhealthy places, or will we erupt like a volcano burning everyone in our path with harmful words and actions?

David, the man after God’s own heart, experienced a heart full of fear. He spent ten years running from Saul, fearing for his life. He engaged in battle with the adrenaline pumping through his body. He was captured by the Philistines (now that would scare anyone), but through all that David had to confront his fears. In Psalm 34:4 he wrote, “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.”

David was relieved of his fears when he sought the Lord.

Here are five ways we can seek God and confront our fears.

  1. Read His Word. Find a quiet place to be alone with God. Ask Him to speak to your heart. Tell Him what is bringing on the anxiety. Then begin reading through the Psalms. Let His promises soothe your fearful heart.
  2. Record your fears in a journal. There is something about seeing our fears in writing that is powerful. Note what triggers the fear. Describe how you are handling the emotion. Make a list of go-to Scriptures to review often. 
  3. Take a Prayer Walk. Get outside in the fresh air. Look around at His creation. The God who spoke the world into existence loves you with an unfailing love! He wants to bring peace to your heart. He tells you to cast, not gently place, but throw your anxieties on Him. Picture yourself packing up all your fears in a bag and heaving it to God.
  4. Sing your favorite songs. Go to a secluded place and sing loudly to God. If you have a voice like mine, make sure it is very secluded. Let Him know how much you love Him. Belt out His promises. Converse with Him. Let Him know how much you need Him. 
  5. Pray with a trusted friend. Ask a mature believer to pray with you. Their perspective will give you perspective and encourage your heart. It is a sign of wisdom, not weakness, to ask a mature believer to pray with and for you.

Father, reign in our fearful emotions and turn them over to you. Thank you for the promise of hearing, answering and delivering. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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