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Volunteer Voice: Broken Hearts...Healed

Posted by Brad Rine on

At The Bible Chapel, our Care Giving ministries come alongside people during difficult seasons of life, to be God’s hands and feet as they weather various storms. One of those ministries is DivorceCare, a nationally recognized program that provides support for those going through a separation or divorce. Following is the testimony of Valerie Endy, leader of Divorce Care at The Bible Chapel, where she shares how God rescued her amid darkness, and the response that experience inspired in her.

- Brad Rine, Pastor of Ministry Development


God is amazing! I can attest that He truly does use the broken to serve His kingdom. Long before I ever began serving in DivorceCare, He had already paved the path for me as He brought others to my side when I was going through a divorce many years ago. I was not a Christian when I came into DivorceCare as a participant, but through the weekly teachings, prayers of others and, unbeknownst to me, the Holy Spirit’s work, I decided to give my life to Christ before completing the end of one full semester. My marriage had ended, but I had gained something so much greater.

Only God can build something out of the ashes that remain when one has been completely torn down by the things of their past.

Over the years, I have served in several short-term capacities, including a Group Encourager in the DivorceCare program. Never would I have been one to say that I knew what my giftings were, and I often did not feel purpose-driven. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed doing the things I did, but I didn’t feel I had anything of real value to contribute. I was simply doing what someone else had asked me to show up and do. The times where I actually felt called by God into doing something were few and far between. I can also say with certainty that fear had kept me back from doing many things – fear that I had nothing to offer; fear that I would never measure up; and fear that I would fail at whatever I had set out to do. 

After a long time away from assisting with DivorceCare, God was working on my heart again to return to serving within that ministry two years ago. It felt different this time around though. I felt more convicted. The group leader, Marlene Majireck, was as gracious as she always is and allowed me to share in the role of being a group co-leader. Marlene has been a great friend of mine for years and has helped me grow in many ways. She has always been there for me and has advised and prayed for me when I’ve needed her to. She never condemns but gently speaks in love and truth. When she became sick last year, she made the very tough and heartbreaking decision to pass the baton of a ministry which she loved and cherished for 21 years. Through much prayer and consideration, she asked to give that baton to me. I was terrified, but through much prayer of my own, I accepted. I realized that this is where God wanted me to be all along. Marlene saw something in me a very long time ago. Things I never saw within myself — things about which God gave her clarity. 

The bottom line was this: Was I willing to drop the fear and step up? Could I commit to showing up and making myself available to others during a time of desperate need in their lives? Could I listen with compassion and understanding? Could I share with others what I have learned along my own journey? The answer to all of these was yes. 

As difficult as dealing with divorce is, there are beauty and blessings that come from serving God in this ministry. I get to walk alongside those experiencing what they often describe as the most devastating time in their lives. It is an honor and privilege to be entrusted with the intimate details of their lives. I get the pleasure of seeing God heal broken hearts first-hand. I enjoy watching the progression along the way from the time someone first enters the DivorceCare classroom until the day they decide to graduate themselves from the program and begin to feel strong enough to walk on their own again. I also sometimes get to see tears turned into a smile when they share a small story of victory. Honestly, I’m not sure who gets more out of the ministry, the participants, or me. They help me grow more than they realize. This ministry humbles me and reminds me of where my life has been and how far forward God has taken me. My only response to that is to say, “thank you, Lord.”

- Valerie Endy

If you are experiencing a divorce or separation and want to seek support, or if you would like to follow Valerie’s example and become a volunteer, click here or email .


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