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It Takes A Village

Posted by Jay Thompson on

It was a beautiful scene. There were four adults and a handful of youth sitting in a circle in the middle of the basketball court getting ready to play a group game. As we sat, I decided to share an encouraging word from the Bible with the students about our words and how they hurt one another more than we think. Like most cases in youth ministry, this impromptu lesson was due to an incident seconds before. But I wasn’t the only one who shared. The other three leaders jumped in to share their thoughts as well as personal stories. I was blown away by the wisdom and insight that came from their mouths. 

I know that I am a decent teacher, but I couldn’t have come up with some of the things that these other leaders said. I have also heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child, but in that moment I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing that in person. These kids could have taken just my words and been ok, but now they can take everything that was said and be even better.

The second that moment was over I felt the need to share this story as a challenge to those who are not a part of a village that is helping develop our youth into followers of Jesus Christ. You add value to the village and the lives of these young people more than you think.

So, however you can, whenever you can, with whomever you can, as fast as you can – join a village so you can start raising up the next generation!

And may God bless your efforts for His glory.

We all have a responsibility as the body of Christ to share in bringing up children who know God. Whether it’s ministering to your own children, being an encouraging aunt or uncle, or sharing wisdom and kindness with the neighborhood kids, you have the opportunity and ability to positively affect a young person’s life. For more information on ways you can get involved in the village here at The Bible Chapel, check out our volunteer opportunities in student’s and children’s ministries.


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