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Be a Fool.

Posted by Paige Hoban on

This week while speaking with my eighth grade group (I volunteer in the Junior High Ministry), I got this heavy question from one of the girls: "How are we supposed to feel when a non-believer dies?"

I've wrestled with this question in my own life - when I was in high school, my mom suddenly passed away without knowing the Lord. So I had an answer. And in giving it, I discovered how passionate I've become about evangelism. Not the impersonal and often underwhelming type of evangelism, but the make-a-fool-of-yourself, 100%-sold-out-for-God type of evangelism.

My answer was this: first and foremost, it’s sad. It's sad when anyone dies, but when someone who doesn't know the Lord dies, it’s just simply not the same as when we know with certainty that they’re going home to be with him.

But second, God is still sovereign. As hard as it may be to understand in our human-ness, God didn’t not love that person as much as he loves you and me. He loved them, and in some way, he knocked on their heart their entire lives. We can't possibly know that person’s heart. Only God does.

My mom was unconscious in the hospital for eight days before she finally passed. At any point in those eight days she could have come to know and love Jesus Christ. That’s the reality: I don’t know if my mom ever came to know and love the Lord, but I do know that God is sovereign and just. There are some days when I could just lose it over the real possibility of my mom spending an eternity separated from the Lord. But you know what that does to me? It convicts me to be a 100% sold-out fool for Christ.

Every single day, people die without knowing the Lord. While ultimately the Lord alone saves, we’re still called to share our joy. "Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house" (Matthew 5:15).

You have the light of Jesus Christ in you, and I have the light of Jesus Christ in me. We can’t keep that light to ourselves. We live in a world desperate for Christ and his life-giving light.

I challenged my eighth grade group with this: what’s it to you if you make a fool of yourself for Christ? So what if you’re left feeling embarrassed or rejected after trying to share Christ with the most popular girl in school, or with your co-worker? Is staying comfortable worth someone’s potential eternity? I wish with my whole being that a fool for Christ would have spoken to my mom.

At The Bible Chapel, we can help you share your faith. The Initiating Spiritual Conversations class for women is a wonderful and approachable way to learn how to talk to people about a relationship with Jesus. Men, you can join a number of small-group classes and Bible studies that help you with this as well. And everyone can take Living Grounded, which covers evangelism as well as many other basics of the faith. For more information on these or any other classes, contact .

My challenge to you is the same as the one I gave my eighth graders! Are you going to hide your light? Or are you going to be a 100%, following-hard-after, sold-out fool for Christ? Pray that God will give you the courage to be the latter. And let us know how he answers your prayer!


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Sue Gorecki Aug 13, 2016 6:30am

Thank you, Paige, for expressing the urgency of and joy of sharing the Gospel every day! Thank you for sharing it with your 8th graders...and with everyone who meets you. They see "something different" in you...the love of Christ.

Dee Aug 13, 2016 10:41am

Thank you Paige for sharing your heart!! Love this!!!

Maria christopher Aug 13, 2016 2:04pm

You are an inspiration. I still read that book you had given me when Mr Christopher had his accident. Sometimes are hearts get broken but not our faith. Pray always for those who do not believe. Gdo bless you and your husband

Maria christopher Aug 13, 2016 2:05pm

How abt spelled God wrong. Sorry. Lol!

Jan Cope Aug 13, 2016 4:46pm

Well said Paige!! Reminds me of the Dare 2 Share ministry! sold out for Christ! Thank you for sharing...=)

Carol Aug 13, 2016 5:43pm

What a precious and caring heart our Lord has blessed you with and yes you really can't hide that light in you. Your words were wonderful and you continue to amaze everyone around you....love you so much