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Beautiful Change: Embracing Life’s New Seasons

Posted by Wayne Johnson on

Summer is fading in the distance as we anticipate the coming of the fall season. Cooler temperatures are a harbinger of scenes of hillsides and mountains awash in bright yellows, oranges and reds as the leaves change color in anticipation of the coming winter. Winter will come with its cold and...

6 Things Christians Should Know about the Election


Posted by Wayne Johnson on

With a little more than a week before the presidential election, many Christians feel that Psalm 2:1-3 describes the path America is taking today: Why do the nations conspireand the peoples plot in vain?The kings of the earth rise upand the rulers band togetheragainst the Lord and against his...

Cotton Patch Jesus

Posted by Wayne Johnson on

If you could go back in time and visit any period in history, what would you choose? I've gotten this question a few times over the years. It's often one of those ice-breaker questions in group exercises, or a conversation starter in a party game. Personally, if I could go back in time...