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A Broken and Messy World

Posted by Ron Moore on

Today many people are living in fear. For some, the fear was brought on by post-election disappointment or disillusionment. Some are filled with anxiety as cable news commentators proclaim that our country is near economic collapse. Some are terrified at the news coming from the Middle East. But...

Who’s Your Mickey Ripley?

Posted by Ron Moore on

A text from my son Garrison was the first thing I saw when I turned off the alarm on my phone. Garrison is an avid Oklahoma Sooner football fan and receives all the OU news. The press release he sent me that morning, announced that Mickey Ripley, a former OU quarterback, had died. Garrison never...

Your Christian Brand

Posted by Ron Moore on

According to a Pew Research poll of 35,000 Americans 18 years and older, 78.4% say they are Christians. That’s an impressive number…until you start to break it down. That’s what Ed Stetzer has down in his article, MissionTrends: 4 Trends for Churches to Consider. Stetzer...

His Presence

Posted by Ron Moore on

This was not what they had bargained for. The one who promised them life was now dead. The one who spoke of saving others, in the end, could not even save Himself. How was He going to prepare those promised heavenly mansions when His body lay in a cold, damp tomb? Was the burial place the...

The Incarnation: GOD With Hands

Posted by Ron Moore on

Tiny hands waving about uncontrollably. A shrill cry piercing the damp air of a borrowed cave. A peaceful smile on the lips of a mother wearied by labor. A mysterious smile on the face of the mother's husband who has helped deliver a miracle. The Incarnation: God confined to an infant. Growing...

Feeling stuck? Do Something!

Posted by Ron Moore on

Fall is here. The temperature is dropping, the leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter, and the kids are fully settled into their routines after the first month back to school. Such is the changing of seasons; beyond our control, yet refreshing – a welcome change of scenery that...

When Fear Comes, Fight Back!

Posted by Ron Moore on

Fear is inevitable. How we deal with our fear - that is the issue. Will we become spiritually paralyzed, refusing to embrace what God has for us? Will we run away from God to find our comfort in unhealthy places, or will we erupt like a volcano burning everyone in our path with harmful words and...

What’s Your Battle Cry?

Posted by Ron Moore on

“I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” This legendary statement spoken by Patrick Henry in 1775 would resonate throughout the Revolutionary War as “Liberty or Death” became the battle cry of the colonial...

When You Can’t, He Can

Posted by Ron Moore on

Do you ever feel like you don’t measure up? Not sure you have what it takes? Feel like you are in over your head? Whether you are a parent, spouse, student, or member of the workforce, sometimes it is easy to give in to the fear that we are not adequately equipped for the work God has for...