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“The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer…”

Posted by Maria Stockman on

I sit amidst what can only be described as a Christmas explosion: a room full of new toys, crumpled wrapping paper thrown aside, and plastic containers that once trapped the hottest toys of the season. “SANTA!!! I know him!” blares through the room as we watch Elf for the third time...

When Autocorrect Leads to Life Change

Posted by Maria Stockman on

For years I’ve heard about hosting “Christmas Gatherings,” where you share Jesus with your neighbors by inviting them over for coffee, snacks, and conversation during the holidays. Hosting such an event sounded nice, but I lived with my mom, I didn’t talk to my neighbors...

Stopping the Stigma: Anxiety and Christianity


Posted by Maria Stockman on

Catching my breath feels impossible. I breathe in deeply, but my lungs don’t seem to fully expand. It’s not necessarily painful, just uncomfortable and terrifying. There’s pressure from an unknown source heavy on my chest. Will this last forever? What caused this? My brain is...