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A Weekend Retreat. A Forever Change.

Posted by Luke McClain on

This past weekend was The Bible Chapel's Junior High Fall Retreat. A retreat is by far one of the most epic events in student ministry pretty much anywhere you go. Students encounter God in ways they never have before. One of the main reasons for this is because they are away from the push and...

What's Going On with Kids Today? This.

Posted by Luke McClain on

"What's going on with kids today?" This is a question adults ask each other pretty regularly. Chances are you've heard it - or maybe you're the one who asked it - in your circle recently. It's a question that comes up when kids are being silly or clueless or entitled or downright horrible. It's...

God's Fierce Love: A Prayer for Our Students


Posted by Luke McClain on

As school starts, we as parents and youth leaders will probably seek to share some words of encouragement and wisdom with our students. Maybe our words will include nuggets like these: "This is your year to make a mark!" "Make good choices" (cheesy but appropriate) "Study hard!" (a...