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Just Like It Was 2,000 Years Ago

Posted by Dave DiDonato on

Before becoming the Associate Pastor here at The Bible Chapel, Dave DiDonato led our Wilkinsburg Campus for five years. He wrote the following post back in 2016 to share how a moving story from the campus can encourage us to take action. Enjoy! Do you ever wonder sometimes what it was like to...

“After You”: Is Chivalry Dead?


Posted by Dave DiDonato on

When asked to write this blog on chivalry, I first went and asked permission from my wife. I did not want to write about something that I was not practicing myself. I’m by no means perfect as a husband – actually far from it – but I’m thankful that my wife stated I was...



Posted by Dave DiDonato on

As we approach this election season I want to ask you a question: What are you doing to support your community and government beyond your vote? We are honored and privileged to live in a country where we are free to vote for our government officials. Every election season is critical to...

What Do We Mean by "Incarnational" Ministry?

Posted by Dave DiDonato on

I want to start of by asking you a simple question. What story of Jesus' earthly ministry is your favorite? Or which one do you recall most? Maybe you're thinking of multiple stories right now. Stories such as Jesus feeding the five thousand, Jesus interacting with Zacchaeus, Jesus calling...

Just Like It's 2,000 Years Ago

Posted by Dave DiDonato on

Do you ever wonder sometimes what it was like to be part of the early Church during the first or second century? What it was like to be part of this movement of Christianity as it was just getting started, under heavy persecution yet still spreading like wildfire to the "ends of the...