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An Ocean Away for the Holiday: Praying for Global Workers

Posted by Team Leader on

For eternity He lived in incomprehensible glory, surrounded in heavenly perfection our words cannot describe. And yet for our sake, He took on flesh. The perfect Son of God entered into an imperfect and broken world where pain, illness, discord, and death are parts of everyday life. Willingly He to took on a lowly human body. As if that wasn’t humbling enough, His birth took place in conditions that would elicit sighs of pity from most people. He traded in his throne for a feeding trough. In place of family and friends, stood cattle and chickens to welcome the newborn Messiah.

He came to love, to serve, and to rescue us by His sacrifice for our sin.

In pursuit of making Him known to all nations, global workers mirror the humbleness of Christ as they sacrifice career opportunities, living close to family, comforts, conveniences, even their own safety and security at times, in order to love, serve, and point people to their rescuer, who is Jesus.

This Christmas, as we celebrate Jesus’ humble arrival, remember to pray for our global workers. The work they do is year-round, and some will be celebrating the holidays an ocean away from their families. As we strive to have an “Unselfie” Christmas, praying for global workers is a perfect way to serve others as you go about the season.

If you’ve committed to praying for a global worker, try hanging an ornament in their honor and use it as a reminder to pray for them as you gaze at the lights on the Christmas tree in your home.

As you drive to Target or Walmart to buy presents for under the tree, take a moment to pray that our global workers could bless the life of a child in need.

As you gather around the table for Christmas dinner, remember global workers as you thank God for the meal, and pray that He will fulfill their basic needs as they do their work.

This Christmas, remember to pray for our global partners as they follow in Christ’s footsteps of service.

To get to know the long-term global workers we support and learn about the ways in which God is using them, check out these short videos.

Finally, if you’d like to adopt a global worker by committing to lift them up regularly in prayer, check out this page.


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