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Somewhere Between the Hot Dogs and Fireworks…

Posted by Ron Moore on

What’s your favorite part of celebrating the Fourth of July? Is it the perfectly cooked hot dog? Crispy, with the perfect ketchup and mustard ratio? Or is it strawberry pretzel salad? That’s my favorite. I can’t eat just one slice; I have to have it until it’s gone! I...



Posted by Ron Moore on

In the sermon this past weekend, we took a closer look at Hebrews 6:4-6. This is one of the toughest passages in scripture. It is widely debated, and in the history of the church, some people have used this passage as the proof text to say that you can lose your salvation. At The Bible Chapel...

What's on Your Bucket List?

Posted by Ron Moore on

Do you have a bucket list? What's on it? If you’re like most people, it’s filled with plans for advancement, adventure, and travel. Filled with things that you've always wanted to do and think maybe you'll regret it if you don't. Visit the Grand Canyon, travel to a new country, learn...

A Successful Father


Posted by Ron Moore on

He was born in Elmira, New York. An unwanted child. His young mother put an ad in the newspaper. Anyone interested in a baby boy was to come to a certain place at a certain time. She would choose one of the interested couples to raise her child. In 1918, that was the way it worked…at...

The Best Instruction on How to Pray

Posted by Ron Moore on

Francois Fenelon (August 6, 1651 – January 7, 1715) was a French Roman Catholic archbishop, theologian, poet and writer. His instruction on prayer is the best I have ever seen. Here’s what Fenelon says: Tell God all that is in your heart, as one unloads one’s heart, its...

Can I Follow God and Still Get What I Want?

Posted by Nate Edwards on

Everyone wants to be happy. I think we can all agree on this.  Knowing how to find happiness may not always be as obvious to us, but we all look for it. As Pastor of the Young Adult Ministry and College Ministry at The Bible Chapel, I've observed that many of us are looking for happiness...