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Strategic Plan Progress and Updates

Thank you so much for partnering with us on this journey of continuous improvement through strategic planning!


October 2019

Below are the results of the surveys taken in October 2019.


Goal # 1: Ephesians 4 Culture


Leadership Development continues to be a focus:

  • Staff currently meeting weekly for Leadership Development Workshops, customizing to ministry needs based on staff input.  
  • Ministry and Department Leaders are implementing leadership development concepts within their specific areas.
  • At the beginning stages of re-envisioning volunteerism and leadership development structure to aid in identifying potential future leaders of our church.

Goal #2: Campus Empowerment


Making progress in every aspect of this goal:

  • Campus pastors have been preaching live regularly.
  • Elders are regularly reviewing health statistics for all campuses of baptism, membership, attendance, giving, and serving.
  • Campus leadership teams are now empowered to oversee some campus-specific curriculum and many campus-specific initiatives.
  • Campus admin are in place and serving campuses well.

Goal # 3: Connection


Goal 3 sub-team leaders continue to meet and have accomplished much:

  • Starting Point improvements have been made, which has increased personal touch in the connection process.
  • Implemented more analog connection methods that do not involve website/tech (i.e., face to face opportunities to connect to a next step directly with staff at Starting Point, Discover TBC, etc.) 
  • Connections Corner Office is being utilized for meetings/prayer with new guests.
  • We have had a few small teams of people visit other local churches to observe their people flow and bring back ideas of things we could do to improve. 
  • Signage improvements have been made both inside and outside of the (South Hills Campus) building.

June 2019

As we review the results of many surveys, meetings, and planning sessions, we are beginning to see action take place regarding our three goals. Here is a broad overview of some recent developments under each goal:


Goal # 1: Volunteer and Staff Development


We want to increase our levels of investment and intentionality in the health, growth, and development of our staff and volunteer leaders, creating an Ephesians 4 culture.

  • Framework: The team reviewed and approved a framework for development that includes ministry-specific and individual components for all staff.
  • Assessment Development: The team agreed to begin with a needs assessment and considered two commercial assessments before deciding to create and use our own.
  • Assessment Implementation: The needs assessment process will begin this month with the goal of having a comprehensive plan in place for the 2019-2020 ministry year by September 2019.

Goal #2: Campus Empowerment


We want to empower campus leadership to minister locally in the best way possible by equipping them with resources and empowering them in their decision making.

  • Campus Elders - Led by Ed Reid. This team researched other church models similar to The Bible Chapel regarding their elder structure and presented their research to our elders for prayerful consideration.
  • Establish Criteria for Health and Boundaries - Led by Zeb Thomas. The team continues to work on a Campus Charter that will aid each campus in understanding where they are in our empowerment growth model.
  • Empower Campus Leadership - Led by Tom Rojahn. The proposal to Campus Pastors to implement a Campus/Executive Leadership Team was well-received. In addition to each campus having a broad ministry leadership team, they will also now implement a higher level Campus/Executive Leadership Team including the Campus Pastor, Campus Elder and other key leaders for increased empowerment in decision making.
  • Increase Local Administration/Resources - Led by Tom Rojahn. A stipend administrative role has been hired at each campus to better empower them to own their administrative responsibilities including scheduling, local printing of resources, etc.
  • Campus Collaboration - Led by Zeb Thomas. To keep strong campus collaboration during this season of local empowerment we have implemented an all-church Celebration Weekend Night of Worship that will start in September and an all-church Congregational Prayer on the third Monday of every month.
  • Increase Live Teaching/Preaching - Led by Ed Reid. This team researched our history of live teaching at the campuses since we began the multi-site model. We continue to see an increase of live preaching every year at the campuses and leadership is committed to continuing that trend in the years ahead.

Goal # 3: Connection


We know how vital connection is in any church, and we want everyone who comes to our church to feel welcome, comfortable and connected to our people and ministries from the time they drive into our parking lot.

Three teams have been assembled and have a leader(s) who have stepped up to help us take practical steps toward this goal:

  • Increasing Personal Connection - Led by John Zanker and Greg DeVore. This team already has great ideas on how to make Starting Point more effective in its effort, more equipped to communicate key information, and more intentional in its volunteer training. One key next step for this team will be meeting with the new Director of Connections in July.
  • Equipping the Congregation to Connect - Led by Jon Dixon. This team is working on ideas to implement in Core Groups to help them engage new people. They are also considering placing floaters in the Worship Center Lobby of the South Hills Campus to help with welcoming and connection. They are also taking a good look at the Section Shepherd role and how that can be adapted to increase connection.
  • Best Practices for People Flow - Led by Chris Price. This team will visit four local churches in July and August to look for best practices in people flow, and then meet in August to discuss their findings and next steps.

We’ve changed our look at Starting Point in the South Hills! Our teams have been working hard to find more effective ways to engage members and guests during our weekend services.

Our feedback during the strategic planning process identified this as an important area for growth in our church and these changes are a direct result of the team’s planning to make that a reality.

Now when you walk into the Main Lobby of the South Hills Campus, it’s clearly communicated who we are, what our mission is, and what we stand for.