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Know God: Tough Questions | Real Answers

Aug 02, 2020 | Ron Moore

Three Gods or One? The Trinity

John 1:1-3


Through this series, we want to:

  • Know God more intimately
  • Live for God more intentionally
  • Share the love of God more boldly

 Last week we learned: God is beyond human understanding. God makes himself known to us.

 Trinity: One God existing in three Persons

The Trinity remains a mystery. There is one God existing in three Persons with the same attributes working distinctly yet in perfect harmony. In order for us to grasp the distinct work of each Person we can think in these terms: 

  • God the Father loves you.

Due to our sin, God initiated the plan to rescue us for eternity.

  • God the Son rescued you.

Jesus carried out the plan by coming to earth to die for us on the cross. 

  • God the Spirit befriends you.

The Holy Spirit implements the plan by giving us spiritual life and introducing us to Jesus. He then takes up residence in us to teach, guide, convict, and encourage us. 

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Series Information

Do you KNOW GOD? What are the attributes of God? Does he get angry? Does God change his mind? Does God need me? We invite you to join us each weekend this summer as we dive deeper into our summer series, Know God: Tough Questions | Real Answers. 

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