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Dec 04, 2016 | Ron Moore

Ten Commandments (Part 2)

Exodus 19:1-31:18

Mosaic Law

  • Civil Law: Day to Day Law
  • Ceremonial Law: Sacrificial System
  • Moral Law: Man’s relationship to God and Others

Commandments 1-4: Reverence for God

Commandments 5-10: Respect for others

The Law constantly reminds us of:

  • Our sinfulness
  • Our need for a Savior
  • Our need for God’s enabling power to obey

Fourth Commandment: Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy

God Rested: Genesis 2:2

  • Completion
  • Cessation of work
  • Holiness—God commemorated the completion of his perfect work.

Genesis Rhythm: The Sabbath Rest indicates a perfect peace between God and his Creation.

Today Jesus is our Sabbath-Rest.

Fifth Commandment: Honor your father and your mother.

  • Children obey your parents.
  • Honor your parents in their mature years.
  • Be parents worthy of honor.

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Since the very beginning, God has been a faithful provider for his people, giving them all that they need to live each day. Thousands of years later, he is still providing for us in the same way.


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