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Jul 15, 2018 | Ron Moore

Proverbs: Work

Genesis 2:1-3

Theology of Work: God’s Design.

  • God provided the example.
  • Work is God’s idea.
  • The Fall changed the complexion of work.
  • Jesus redeemed work.
  • Work is a gift from God.

Diligent: Sharp. Industrious. Persevering. Hard-working. Attentive.

Sluggard: Looseness. Slackness. Lazy. Self-focused.

The Sluggard:

  • Shameful (Proverbs 10:4a, 5)
  • Lazy (Proverbs 12:27a; 19:24; 26:14-15)
  • Undependable (Proverbs 10:26)
  • Full of excuses (Proverbs 22:13; 26:13)
  • Dreamer (Proverbs 13:4a; 14:23; 21:25-26; 28:19b)
  • Undisciplined (Proverbs 24:30-31)
  • Unreasonable (Proverbs 21:16)
  • Suffers Consequences (Proverbs 18:9; 19:15; 20:13a) 

The Diligent

  • Self-motivated
  • Hard Worker
  • Plans Ahead

         The sluggard takes great pains to escape from pains.

                                                                        -C. H. Spurgeon


  1. Patiently pursue God’s calling
  2. Young Adults: Don’t date or marry a lazy person. 
  1. Don’t make people dependent.


  1. Keep work in a godly perspective.
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