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Jun 03, 2018 | Ron Moore

Proverbs: Pride and Humility

Proverbs 16:18-19

Fear of the Lord

Awe and reverence for my loving Father demonstrated in a life of wisdom.  


Embracing God’s Word and learning the skills of living out biblical truth in everyday life.  


Humility: Living in submission to God.  


Pride: Living independently of God.

  1. A relationship with God begins with humility.
  2. Pride produces chaos. Humility brings peace.
  3. Humility is the heart cure for racism and prejudice.
  4. Humility is the remedy for self-promotion.
  5. Pride plays God. Humility trusts God.
  6. Both humility and pride carry results.

Developing a Heart of Humility

  • Read Scripture Daily
  • Serve Others
  • Stretch yourself
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Everyday Wisdom. Everyday Life.

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