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Day Six - Knowledge is Power

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Today we joined a group of Zion's primary school students on a field trip to Reverend Wambua's hometown in the countryside.  Both the students and the team enjoyed a reprieve from the slums and a breath of fresh air in the majestic Kenyan "upcountry."  Alan, Matthew, and Ben...

Day Five - Come to Zion

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As Alan said this morning, "today will be a typical day at Zion."  Our team is becoming more and more accustomed to the spontaneous "Africa time," and we are learning that the days on which we "freestyle" without a schedule are actually the most productive and impactful. The team...

Day Four - What's the WiFi Password?


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Today was spent ministering to a Maasai village located a few hours south of Nairobi.  The Maasai were very welcoming to our team as they invited us into their mud-walled homes, showed us their thousands of cattle and goats, and described their way of life without...

Day Three - Evangelizing in the Slums


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Day three was an emotional rollercoaster.  The morning began with our team and a handful of Kenyans painting a sheet metal wall that was rebuilt after a slum fire in December; working together allowed us to continue to bond with our Kenyan friends, both new and old.  John prided...

Day Two - Interacting with Students


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Our second day in Kenya was long and tiring, but very fruitful and encouraging nonetheless.  We ate breakfast at 7:00am and spoke with Benson, a member of AIC Zion and an employee at our hotel who was eager to see us again after meeting us at church yesterday. This...

Day One - Church Services at AIC Zion


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Yesterday at 10:00 p.m. Kenyan time, we arrived safely and on schedule in Nairobi after a connecting flight from Paris.  Our team shirts drew kind words and blessings from several people when walking through the Pittsburgh, Paris, and Nairobi airports.  We were exhausted from seventeen...

Using our Spiritual Gifts.


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We began our day at the church, teaching the staff effective ways to utilize Living Grounded.  Even though the Faith House staff is very grounded spiritually, they recognized the need to get back to the basics and verbalized their appreciation for this resource.  It was necessary...

Rise Up!

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Our team woke up to another beautiful morning! It was very special for me because I was asked to preach the Sunday service. I had come to Mae Sot with a four page typed out sermon that I was prepared to say. By the time Sunday came along, it had changed five different times! And I walked in...

The Children

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On Saturday morning, we arrived at Faith House to lead Children’s Church.  These children were from the surrounding villages and girls of Faith House helped us teach.  This is one of the impressive things that Maria has done in the lives of the girls from Faith house they are...

Last Day - God's Mercies ContInue!

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It's Friday, the last day of camp! This day holds its own special highlights, as we witness God's new mercies continue to unfold. Today the children were given the opportunity to profess their faith in Jesus Christ in front of their peers.  It was heartwarming to see the little ones...