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Unified in Christ

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“The Church is the Church only when it exists for others…not dominating, but helping and serving. It must tell men of every calling what it means to live for Christ, to exist for others.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer Sunday in San Pedro Sula has been a huge blessing. We had the...

Day One and Day Two from Panama

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Hola from Panama! Day 1/Travel Day: The Lord delivered us safely yesterday at 3:30 PM local time.  Santiago and Traci swept us away towards Chame as we finalized some final schedule adjustments for the week.  Due to our early arrival, we were able to see the boys before heading to bed...

Dios es Poderoso

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Day 3 in Honduras. We’re getting ready to head to Impacto’s two church services this morning. Dave will have the opportunity to preach at both services, some of us will work in the children’s ministry, and Tanner will lead us in worship. Yesterday, we went to a village church...

We have arrived

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Our first day is now a happy memory and team spirit is high. Pittsburgh airport is a busy place at 5:30 am! We had a layover in Houston and then hit some heavy turbulence on the second leg of the trip but all ended well as the plane touched done at 7:30 in Panama City. Wrestling through customs...

Hold Music

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As we write this, we’ve just safely landed in Miami, FL. We praise God for this, because yes ,we always ask for travel mercies but even more so today. I say this because late last night, our team leader, Dave decided to look at our flight status and discovered that our original 5:45 am...

Maasai Friday

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We spent the day Friday treating the children of Class 7 to a field trip to Maasai area. We began by visiting a small church there, where we had great greeting, a time of fellowship, singing, dancing, and prayer. This church is in a small, temporary location but has been able to acquire a piece...

Mathare Slum Home Visits

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Getting to share the gospel and the love of Christ in people’s homes was an experience like no other. Here is a blog post by Mike McGuire: Today (Thursday) was an amazing day which began by entering the slum to visit some of the AIC kids homes to share the gospel message of our Lord to a...

Saturday- Goodbyes

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Saturday morning was one of the hardest mornings of the week, we had to say goodbye to all the kids that we stayed with at the camp. We said goodbye with lots of hugs and tears. All of the buses came between 9 and 10 and the campers piled in sometimes three to a seat with some in the aisles. It...

Friday-Decisions & Carnival

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So here we are sitting thinking back to yesterday, Friday, as we write this blog. It was my favorite day of the week, which is saying a lot if you have been following and reading the amazing stories from all the previous days (by the way, thank you for doing so! It has been such a privilege to...