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Using our Spiritual Gifts.


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We began our day at the church, teaching the staff effective ways to utilize Living Grounded.  Even though the Faith House staff is very grounded spiritually, they recognized the need to get back to the basics and verbalized their appreciation for this resource.  It was necessary...

Rise Up!

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Our team woke up to another beautiful morning! It was very special for me because I was asked to preach the Sunday service. I had come to Mae Sot with a four page typed out sermon that I was prepared to say. By the time Sunday came along, it had changed five different times! And I walked in...

The Children

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On Saturday morning, we arrived at Faith House to lead Children’s Church.  These children were from the surrounding villages and girls of Faith House helped us teach.  This is one of the impressive things that Maria has done in the lives of the girls from Faith house they are...

Sometimes you just have to roll with it


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It's currently about 6:40 a.m. and I am sitting outside trying to put into words my experiences from yesterday. I feel like no matter what I say, yesterday could never be summed up into adequate words. I think if you ask any Christian they will tell you that being stretched out of their comfort...

Last Day - God's Mercies ContInue!

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It's Friday, the last day of camp! This day holds its own special highlights, as we witness God's new mercies continue to unfold. Today the children were given the opportunity to profess their faith in Jesus Christ in front of their peers.  It was heartwarming to see the little ones...

It's Just Another Training Thursday

Posted by Ryan Middleton on

We have had some amazing and very long days here at Faith House in Mae Sot. When the planning for this trip began, we recognized from the vision trip that Glenn and I took in March of last year that the staff at Faith House was in need of help and encouragement. That has been our primary focus...

Wednesday - Familiarizing ourselves


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Today was another amazing day in Paradise.... if you consider that we have a wonderful team full of high levels of expertise in their various fields, and a team of the most committed workers with the biggest hearts and such a love for the girls at Faith House.  One of the goals of this...



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This is the second day of our journey. And as Caroline and I sit and reflect on all our situations at the airports, we agree that God  has been in front of us the whole time. For instance at Seoul airport they first told us that our carry on bags were too heavy for the Nok airline. And we...