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Day Four - What's the WiFi Password?


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Today was spent ministering to a Maasai village located a few hours south of Nairobi.  The Maasai were very welcoming to our team as they invited us into their mud-walled homes, showed us their thousands of cattle and goats, and described their way of life without...

Day Three - Evangelizing in the Slums


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Day three was an emotional rollercoaster.  The morning began with our team and a handful of Kenyans painting a sheet metal wall that was rebuilt after a slum fire in December; working together allowed us to continue to bond with our Kenyan friends, both new and old.  John prided...

Day Two - Interacting with Students


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Our second day in Kenya was long and tiring, but very fruitful and encouraging nonetheless.  We ate breakfast at 7:00am and spoke with Benson, a member of AIC Zion and an employee at our hotel who was eager to see us again after meeting us at church yesterday. This...

Day One - Church Services at AIC Zion


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Yesterday at 10:00 p.m. Kenyan time, we arrived safely and on schedule in Nairobi after a connecting flight from Paris.  Our team shirts drew kind words and blessings from several people when walking through the Pittsburgh, Paris, and Nairobi airports.  We were exhausted from seventeen...

Day 2 - Panama Men's Work Trip 2017 - Metro Amigo


Posted by Wes Hileman on

Sunday morning we traveled into the city and attended church with Mirko and Tracy. We joined about thirty others in a storefront in Panama City where "portable church" was set up. We sang together with the church in Panama, singing familiar songs like "Cornerstone" - in Espańol of...

Don't judge a book by its cover


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When Ryan talked to me about coming on this trip I remember him saying "Jaclyn, for you, this trip will be the best trip you can take! You need to go on this trip." I remember thinking "Ryan has a tendency to over exaggerate things, I'm sure it's cool, but it can't be that great." Man was I...