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Day 4

Posted by Mackenzie Mendenhall on

Welcome back to Day 4 of our mission trip blog! Crew 3 (Miles): My group was placed at the house of a man named Brian. The main thing we worked on today and yesterday was the flooring in one of the upstairs rooms. This room already had some flooring in it, but there was not enough to finish the...

Day 3

Posted by Mackenzie Mendenhall on

Welcome back to our mission trip blog! Here are Day 3's highlights: Crew 3 (Belle): Today, my crew and I worked on the same house that we did for the past two days. We painted baseboards, grouted tiles, replaced some flooring, and fixed up doorframes. We had several conflicts with the flooring...

Day 2

Posted by Mackenzie Mendenhall on

Welcome back! Here are some of today's highlights from each of our crews. Crew 3 (Caleb P): Today I helped out with a man named Brian. Brian’s home was devasted in hurricane Sandy. I helped them with painting and sanding a door frame so that later on this week we can paint the door...

Sr. High Long Island Mission Trip Day 1


Posted by Jeremy Adams on

Group 7 (Alyssa) – Today my group (Elaina, Sophie, Coleman, Nathan, Caleb B, Mack, and Duane as out leader) went to a woman named Cira’s house to do flooring in her bedroom. We started out our day by walking to Cira’s house and when we got there we started tearing up the...

The final day on the mountain top

Posted by David Brennan on

Just like that a whole week of mission work has finished! Seems just like yesterday that we were arriving at ASP, uncertain of what God was going to do, but He sure did more than we ever could have expected! Today we spent the last day with our families working on the projects that we had begun...

Day five on the mountain top

Posted by David Brennan on

Today my group continued to take up floors in our resident’s living room, and we were blessed to put down the third row of flooring! As I think of memorable moments on the trip, I remember karaoke night with Brad! Watching him dance and sing to Taylor Swift was for sure interesting!...

Day four on the mountain top


Posted by David Brennan on

Today we worked on hanging up the blue foam, but we got way more done today since there wasn’t as much rain as yesterday! One thing I am enjoying on this trip is the ability to hang out with those in our groups and the leaders we have! I have learned that working hands on is really...

Day three on the mountain top

Posted by David Brennan on

Today my group had the opportunity to serve by starting our porch project!  After we took off the old one, we began building the frame for the next porch. One new thing I learned today was how to use a pickaxe, which was great because we got to pickaxe some rocks as we dug new holes for the...

Day two on the mountain top


Posted by David Brennan on

Monday was full of great experiences! My group went to a state park and we cleaned out an old barn and a bunch of brush in order to fill it with hay for the buffalo. We also had a bunch of metal to clean up where I got a tick, but we got it out!  We were also able to take a group photo...

Day one on the mountain top


Posted by Brad Sommerfeldt on

Thank you very much for your prayers for our safety and community. Praise God we had an uneventful trip getting down to ASP. The students received a preview of what projects their groups will be doing during the week, and tomorrow they will receive further instructions. Some of the projects...