The Journey

For the past fifteen years, The Journey Ministry has been broadcasting the REAL, RELEVANT, and REFRESHING Word of God, through the teachings of Ron Moore.

At The Journey, we strive to share the unchanging Word of God with an ever-changing world to help encourage, embolden, and challenge our listeners. We believe God has uniquely gifted Ron to teach scripture with compassion and unwavering truth, providing practical application to life’s greatest issues.

But we do not want this to be just a one-way communication. The Christian walk is often difficult, sometimes discouraging, but never dull. As you travel this road, don’t do it alone. We want to hear back from you and walk this journey of life together. We hope to be a source of encouragement to you on . . . The Journey.


The Journey can be heard each weekday
at 11:30 AM on WORD-FM, 101.5 Pittsburgh.


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Living Hope: Hope

In the face of this mounting angst how does the believer live with confidence and joy before a watching world?
Living Hope

Living Hope: Shining Through the Restless Reality.


Who’s parenting your children?  Who’s showing them the way of righteousness and wisdom?  Who’s telling them the hard truths about living for God in a fallen world?


The human race has stepped through the centuries, heading to a set point known only to the Father. But as time finally counts down to the end, God has some extraordinary things to reveal and to conceal. Ron Moore shares the "what' and "why" of those timely things in this series on the book of Revelation. Between the assurance of eternal life for followers of Christ, and certain judgment for unbelievers, there is a yield sign ... a last warning for earth's travelers placed there by a loving God.


Today we begin a journey through a book of the Bible that lays out the foundational principles of the Christian faith. All 66 books of the Bible are God-breathed and useful for doctrine, teaching, correcting and training in righteousness. We need to be reading them all, but there are some books we have to nail down and, for the believer, Paul’s letter to the Romans is one of those books.

Hope Rising

Explore a time of international crisis that’s captured in the Bible. Listen and find hope in the words God spoke to a confused and desperate people.


Today we start a journey toward Ziklag. We will learn what tempts us to live there. We will learn the consequences of settling there. And we will learn how we can, by God’s grace, escape the land of disobedience. Buckle up! Let’s take the journey together.

The Journey

Interviews and special events from The Journey Ministry.

Responding to the Generosity of God

What man needs, only God can supply. He is the One who provides spiritual drink that finally quenches the thirsty soul. He is the One who provides spiritual food that finally fills the hungry heart. It is his unfailing love that brings the peace of knowing there is nothing we can do to make him love us more, and there is nothing we can do to make him love us less.


Seven Churches of Revelation Tour
with an Optional Rome, Italy Extension


May 20 – 29, 2019
Land Only Cost: $2,320 with an optional extension to Rome, Italy for $1,985

Informational Meeting
December 2, 12:15 p.m.
South Hills Campus

Ancient Turkey was key to the growth of Christianity.  From magnificent Ephesus, where Paul preached and John is buried, to Nicaea, modern Iznick, where the Christian Creed was established, Turkey lends itself to unveiling the culture and history that necessitated the spreading of the “Good News” throughout the Mediterranean and prompted John to write his letters of warning and commendation from Patmos.

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