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Men: Five Reasons to Lock Arms

Posted by Tunch Ilkin on

As the new ministry year gets rolling here at The Bible Chapel, I'm excited thinking about all the things we've got going on in Men's Ministry. The men's team and I have been working to tell you all about them. And I realized that it's probably a good time to pause in telling you all about them, and instead tell you WHY we do them.

We're not planning groups and gatherings in Men's Ministry just so we can hang out with each other. We're planning these things because we need each other.

It's not a concept that's popular among men, or perhaps even thought about very often among men. But it's critical if we're going to become the men God designed us to be. And we have the ultimate example: Jesus Christ. When he started his ministry, the first thing he did was assemble 12 other guys to help him.

Jesus and his bond with the disciples actually leads into the first reason among the five reasons I give in the video below to lock arms with your brothers in Christ. Press play and let me know what you think. Then check out Men's Ministry at The Bible Chapel, or send us an email at . We're here for you!



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