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No Offseason in Life

Posted by Tunch Ilkin on

In the world of football, there is a clear line between the busy times and the down times. From September to January, there is nonstop action as players hit the practice field, study plays, and dedicate their time to preparing for the next game. Once game day rolls around, they are boarding...

The Strenuous Spiritual Life: Lessons from Teddy

Posted by Bob Freado on

President Theodore Roosevelt, known as “Teddy” from his youth, is commonly known for his physical nature, vigor and vitality. He also famously coined the phrase “The Strenuous Life” to describe overcoming hardship and bettering one’s self and nation through...

Cut the Clutter: Your Spiritual Spring Cleaning


Posted by Nate Stevens on

It’s that time of year again—the time you find your missing treasures and realize you are an inveterate hoarder. Spring cleaning. Yes, I am so glad to have found my favorite can-opener, and I do not know how it got to the shed. But there can also be a great deal of discomfort...

The Day Death Died

Posted by Ron Moore on

To the Roman soldiers, it was just another day’s work. The assignment of putting criminals to death had hardened their hearts. Gambling for the clothes of those who hung naked dulled their ears from the cries of pain. Breaking the legs of the victims ensured a shorter workday. Running a...