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How to Study the Bible Part 4: Where to Start?

Posted by Nate Edwards on

So far in our ‘How to Study the Bible’ series we have explored common mistakes people make, as well as important foundational concepts to understand as you approach the Bible. Now it is time to get really practical. There are a lot of great ways to approach the Bible, but here are a...

How to Study the Bible Part 1: 5 Common Mistakes


Posted by Nate Edwards on

Over the coming weeks, Pastor of Young Adults, Nate Edwards, will share valuable tips and advice on how to get the most out of your time in the Word and deepen your relationship with God.  I talk to people about the Bible all the time. Most people who are interested in God want to know...

When you feel lost, stand out!

Posted by Jonathan Lingenhoel on

Have you ever felt alone, like an alien living in a foreign land? Having grown up as a global worker in Hungary, I know I have. The funny thing is, because I speak the language fluently and even look like a Hungarian, it wasn’t until I came back to the USA that I really felt like an...

The Power of Vision

Posted by Team Leader on

Today we are pleased to feature the final blog from our team recently in Kenya at AIC Zion. Take a moment to catch up on all of their blog posts as well! AIC Zion's church services, as we experienced last Sunday, are as beautiful, relevant, and scriptural as they are wild, unpredictable, and...

What’s Your Battle Cry?

Posted by Ron Moore on

“I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” This legendary statement spoken by Patrick Henry in 1775 would resonate throughout the Revolutionary War as “Liberty or Death” became the battle cry of the colonial...