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Have You Already Forgotten?: 24 Hours Later

Posted by Matt Todaro on

Yesterday was September 11…just 24 short hours ago. You may have said a prayer or had a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives or are currently fighting for our country as a result of that day, but then you likely went about your business as usual. We’re busy...

The Single Life: Loving it, or Living with it

Posted by Nate Edwards on

Summers can be the worst for some of us. While we might love the warm weather, we don’t love the fact that it is making this haunting suspicion in our mind even stronger: “Everyone has someone except me.” We see people going on dates at the park, we are invited to hundreds of...

Faith and Football: Thirty Years Later


Posted by Tunch Ilkin on

This summer, I had the chance to sit down with Tanner Morehead, one of our Summer Leaders here at The Bible Chapel, and talk about faith, football, and how God has taken me on a journey from the Steelers to The Bible Chapel over the last thirty-seven years. What a journey! TM: What were your...