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Stopping the Stigma: Anxiety and Christianity


Posted by Maria Stockman on

Catching my breath feels impossible. I breathe in deeply, but my lungs don’t seem to fully expand. It’s not necessarily painful, just uncomfortable and terrifying. There’s pressure from an unknown source heavy on my chest. Will this last forever? What caused this? My brain is...

Unrelenting Hope for Unrelenting Fear


Posted by Ron Moore on

Fear is real and unrelenting. It comes by way of a tragic attack as we saw in Las Vegas on Sunday night, or the fear of losing our homes and loved ones in a hurricane. When you feel like you’ve conquered “Fear A,” the inner calm is soon replaced by inner chaos from “Fear...

Show It and Share It: Faith All Year Long

Posted by Emily Ross on

Last week was See You at the Pole, when students around the country take a stand for their faith by praying at their school flag poles, interceding in prayer on behalf of their generation. Not so long ago I was a student myself, and my own school days had a great impact on the person I am today...

Beautiful Change: Embracing Life’s New Seasons

Posted by Wayne Johnson on

Summer is fading in the distance as we anticipate the coming of the fall season. Cooler temperatures are a harbinger of scenes of hillsides and mountains awash in bright yellows, oranges and reds as the leaves change color in anticipation of the coming winter. Winter will come with its cold and...