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Someday When the Kids are Gone: Family Togetherness


Posted by Ron Moore on

Young parents, cherish every day. Time goes fast. As you spend time together this holiday season baking, shopping, visiting family, and crossing things off of your never-ending to-do list, I encourage you to pause and embrace the seeming chaos. What feels hectic in the current moments will...

Advent: Celebrating the Anticipation of Christ

Posted by Ron Moore on

“Come over tonight and celebrate Advent with my family.” My first thought to this invitation from my girlfriend, now wife, Lori, was, “What in the world is Advent?” However, I was smitten. If she invited me over to help cut the grass one blade at a time with scissors, I...

What’s Up With This #GivingTuesday Thing?

Posted by Bill Harmon on

What is #GivingTuesday? That’s a good question that more and more people are able to answer as the years have gone by.  #GivingTuesday has grown from an urban legend to a global effort since its inception in 2012. With its origin tied loosely to our Thanksgiving holiday and the...

Count Your Blessings Before You Swipe Your Card

Posted by David Wall on

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, are we overflowing with joy and excitement for the pending celebration of the birth of our Savior? Or do we find ourselves engulfed by a cloud of anxiety as we deal with crowded stores, oversized family expectations and the inevitable arrival of the...



Posted by Dave DiDonato on

As we approach this election season I want to ask you a question: What are you doing to support your community and government beyond your vote? We are honored and privileged to live in a country where we are free to vote for our government officials. Every election season is critical to...

Sugar Coma: How Moderation Affects Your Whole Life


Posted by Ron Moore on

The kids have been back to school for a couple of months now, and I bet you thought you’d get a little break with them out of the house all day. Think again. Now, practices, games, recitals, lessons and school projects seem to be taking over your calendar. When does this fast paced...