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“Biblical Adulting” Mentors

South Hills, Robinson, Washington, Wilkinsburg, Rostraver

We are looking for mentors for a new program geared for young women ages 17-late 20s. In today’s culture, young people are approaching “adulthood” unprepared. Researchers are discovering that this generation struggles with interpersonal skills such as making small talk, defusing conflict, and face-to-face encounters. The result is a lot of young adults with high anxiety about navigating real-world relationships and demands. In this in-depth look at Proverbs 3, we will discover the biblical truths God wrote specifically for young people, and we will pair the lesson with a life-skill training topic related to the Bible lesson.

Chapel Women serves the women of The Bible Chapel and in the surrounding communities in a variety of ways - through Bible studies, mentoring, support groups, fellowship, events, outreach, and retreats.


Eight week commitment, which includes a meet and greet, six weeks of program and a celebration dinner. Typically three hours a week.


Hospitality, Wisdom, Discernment, Encouragement, Faith

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