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Unselfie: HE not Me

Dec 02, 2018 | Ron Moore

Unselfish Leadership

John 1:19-27
  • Profess Jesus
  • Proclaim Jesus
  • Follow Jesus

The Believer’s Job Description: Point people to Jesus

Our assignment is to allow God to use us in our present stage of live to point family, friends, classmates, work associates, and neighbors toward Jesus.

Unselfish leadership has a grip on the “Why” of our existence.

Unselfish leadership has a grip on the Person of Jesus.

Four actions points:

  1. Advent

The more we know about Jesus

the more we focus on Him. 

The more we focus on Jesus

the less we focus on ourselves.

  1. Daily Devotions
  2. Living Grounded
  3. Unselfie Coaching Tip

What is your plan for Jesus to increase—to take the center stage—of your life?

Starting today—what will you do to make 2018 an Unselfie Christmas?

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