Feb 11, 2018 | Ron Moore

The Test

Job 1-3

Can I believe God when life doesn’t make sense?

 Can I trust God when I can’t explain Him?

 Why should I serve God?

 Is God enough?

Job was:

  • Blameless
  • Upright
  • Feared God
  • Turned away from evil

God in sovereign—sitting on his throne..

Satan has access to God’s throne in heaven.

Satan constantly makes accusations against believers

  1. God is sovereign over all. Whatever takes place on this earth, whatever takes place in our lives is either a result of God’s directive or His permission.
  2. In the first three chapters we find a great lesson about the ministry of presence. When a person is hurting you don’t have to have all the answers—in fact, you will not have all the answers.
  3. Life’s challenges put us on an emotional roller coaster.
  4. Is God enough? Is God enough for you? Is God enough for me? Stripped of things that mattered to us—Is God still enough?
Series Information

Our Redeemer Lives: A Study of God in the Story of Job.

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