Dec 03, 2017 | Ron Moore

Sexual Reckoning

Matthew 5:27-30

God created sex for two reasons:God created sex for two reasons:

  • First, sex is the powerful mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical act of a man and woman committed to each other in marriage. God designed the bodies of a man and woman so that they actually experience a time of oneness in the very act.
  • Second, in the act of sex, God allows for man and woman to bring a new person—with an eternal soul—into the world. Sex is the means of man’s continued existence.

Adultery includes any sexual encounter outside the covenant of marriage. 

How do we follow Jesus  regarding inappropriate sex at any level?


  • Pray for the victims that they will find healing in Jesus.
  • Pray for the powerful that they will be truly repentant and find forgiveness in Jesus.
  • Pray for the families that they will be restored.
  • Pray that God will use this abuse of sex to drive people back to his design for sex. 

Speak into this subject with truth and love.

Protect yourself from yourself.

Put the brakes on any dangerous course.

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What are the results when the Incarnate Christ and our culture collide? What does it really look like to apply the truth of the “Word became flesh" to the state of our world? Find out in this compelling Christmas series focused on current events and Christ’s sovereignty through the chaos.

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