May 13, 2018 | Ron Moore

Proverbs: Introduction

Proverbs 1:1-6


  • Introduction and Purpose:  1:1-6
  • Theme: 1:7; 9:10
  • Solomon’s Proverbs—Part 1: 1:8-9:18
  • Solomon’s Proverbs—Part 2: 10:1-22:16
  • Saying of Wise Men: 22:17-24:34
  • Solomon’s Proverbs—Part 3—Collected by Hezekiah’s Men: 25-29
  • Words of Agur: 30
  • Words of Lemuel: 31:1-9
  • Acrostic Poem: The Noble Wife: 31:10-31


  1. To know wisdom and instruction.

To grasp wisdom with your head and hands.  

Wisdom: Embracing God’s Word and learning the skills of living it out biblical truth in everyday life.

  1. To understand words of insight.
  2. To receive instruction in wise dealing in righteousness, justice, and equity. 
  1. To give prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the youth.

Prudent: Capacity to see beyond the immediate situation.

Simple: Inexperienced. Gullible. Naïve. Easy influenced.

Series Information

Everyday Wisdom. Everyday Life.

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