Dec 06, 2018 | Ron Moore

Preparing Our Hearts

It was a still, silent night when light began to shine in one man’s darkened heart.  It was the night that gave him, and us, some of the most treasured words found in scripture.

Does your frantic holiday schedule threaten to push the true meaning of Christmas to the back shelves of your mind and heart? Would you like to recapture the wonder of the season and share it with friends and family? You can do that with Ron’s holiday guide titled: “Advent: Preparing for Christmas.”

It shares devotions and activities crafted from carefully selected scripture readings. There Ron helps you rekindle the anticipation of Christ’s first coming and celebrate His joyous arrival on Christmas day.

“Advent: Preparing for Christmas” will enrich your spirit this holiday season. It’s yours for a donation of any amount.


Series Information

Take a look at the timing, place and people God arranged to welcome His Son to Earth.

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