Nov 08, 2018 | Ron Moore

Living Hope: Crave

Spiritual fashion week occurs every week for the believer…and the runway runs right through your town. 

In view of that public display, Ron Moore helps you ditch the old man’s knock-offs and dress in the eternal Designer’s fresh creations. 

What difference does it make that you’re on a journey with Jesus?

How does your faith in Christ affect your joy, freedom and endurance…and what about your relationship with others…believers and unbelievers alike?

Well, the Apostle Peter addressed those questions in his letters to first-century Christians. Ron Moore explores Peter’s instructions, in the devotional titled: “Living Hope.” Its ninety-five challenging meditations will lead you to victory on your pilgrimage with Christ.

So discover the meaning of this spiritual journey, for yourself, with Ron Moore’s devotional: “Living Hope.” It’s yours for a donation of any amount.


Series Information

Living Hope: Shining Through the Restless Reality.

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Nov 08, 2018

Living Hope: Crave

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