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J J and the Prophets

Aug 06, 2017 | Scott Arvay


Jonah 1-4

Chapter 1 – Jonah runs from God

Chapter 2 – Jonah prays to God

Chapter 3 – Jonah obeys God

Chapter 4 – Jonah pouts to God

God called Jonah.
Jonah ran away.
God sent a storm.
The sailors throw Jonah overboard.
The storm ends.
The sailors worship God.
God sends the great fish.
Jonah spends three day and three nights inside the fish.
God saves Jonah.
Jonah finally goes to Nineveh.
He preaches a four word sermon.
The whole city repents.
God relents.
And the greatest revival in the history of the world takes place.

It’s all about God.

God is sovereign over all things

God chooses to do his work through his people

God is a loving and gracious Savior.

Series Information

Over time, some things go out of style, lose relevance, and become forgotten memories from the past. But not always. Some things never go out of style and will always stand the test of time. Join us as we study some often forgotten but still relevant books of the Bible and see how God’s message to his people never changes.

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