Mar 15, 2019 | Ron Moore

Igniting a Blinded Heart

What you don’t know can hurt you.  And what your heart can’t see, even with eyes wide open, can spiritually destroy.

With that in mind, today, Ron Moore tests your vision and ignites your heart for God.

Take a brief look at his motivating book “Ignite.” There, Ron leads you, step-by-step, on a spiritual journey to a heart ignited by grace. Along the way, he reveals God’s purpose in your stresses, pain, and tough times.

By matching today’s struggles with King David’s tumultuous life, Ron paints a vivid picture of God meeting you wherever you are. He assures you that God is using your loneliness, brokenness, disappointment, and emptiness to fan the flames of faith in your heart.

“Ignite” can be yours for a donation of any amount.



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