Jul 09, 2017 | Ron Moore

Greater Than: Secure! (Part 3)

Hebrews 6:13-20

Can a true believer be in God’s family one day and because of sin be removed the next? 

Proof of Genuine Salvation:

  • Salvation Produced Works
  • Love Demonstrated by Serving
  • Preserved by God
  • Faith

Saving Faith (One time for all time): Trust in Jesus as the Atonement for our sins.

Daily Faith (Ongoing): Trusting in God for through the joys and challenges of life.

The true believer is eternally secure.

The true believer can have assurance of salvation.

Basis for Eternal Security

The Promise of God (Hebrews 6:13-15)

The Son of God (Hebrews 6:19-20)

  • Jesus is our refuge.
  • Jesus is the sure and steadfast anchor of our soul.
  • Jesus is our High Priest.
  • Jesus is our forerunner.

The true believer is eternally secure based on the promises of God and the work of Jesus on our behalf.

Series Information

Join us as we dive into the book of Hebrews and learn how the new covenant under Jesus Christ is greater than the covenant under Moses. We will strive to gain a clear understanding of Christ’s sacrifice, his supremacy, and his gift of salvation. Do you truly view him as greater than…everything?

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