Messages directly from the Word of God


General Admission 2015

In this life we will see tragedy, hurt and disappointment, but how we handle that trouble speaks volumes about where we find our identity.

Upside Down

Every day the world pulls at us, calling us to live for the here and now, for ourselves, and for material gain. As believers, however, Christ calls us to live an upside down life – one that is greater than things of this world – and we have to decide whether we will answer that call . . . or not. This series will take us through a study of the Beatitudes, part of the greatest sermon ever preached by the greatest preacher who ever lived. Be prepared to receive the challenge to live upside down.

Family Under Attack

The family is under attack like no other time in our history. Join us for this sermon series to be equipped with a biblical understanding of the issues surround marriage and families, and to personally apply those truths.