Short-term missions, eternal impact

Short-term trips, long-term relationships

The Bible Chapel exists to develop followers of Jesus Christ. We are compelled by Matthew 28:19-20 to enact this mission not only at home, but across the world.

In obeying Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations, we take a variety of short-term mission trips each year. Congregants of all ages, from junior high on up, have the opportunity to go on these trips and grow as disciples even as they help others around the world grow, too. Their journeys are detailed on our Mission Trip Blog.

For many of our short-term trips, we travel to our long-term international partners - organizations we have come to know, and who have come to know us, over many years of serving together in the name of Christ.

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Short-term trip requirements

Taking a mission trip is a blessing and a privilege. It is also a commitment. As you prayerfully consider whether you are called to take a short-term mission trip, please note the following requirements:

Upcoming Trips

The Bible Chapel is bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people across the globe in 2018. We'd love for you to join us on a short-term mission trip! If you feel called to go, please complete the Mission Trip Application




Panama Men's Trip

Date: April 21-28, 2018
Team Size: Approximately 10 adult males
Cost: $1,400-1,600
Host Missionary: Traci Delibasich
Organization: Word of Life
Trip Leader: TBD
Application Deadline: CLOSED

This team will be doing construction and hosting a family picnic at the Word of Life Camp in the town of Chame.


Junior High Eastern Shore, VA Trip

Date: June 17-22, 2018
Team Size: Up to 45 Students and Leaders
Cost: $475
Organization: Youth Works
Trip Leader: Lorraine Shipman
Application Deadline: CLOSED

A variety of service opportunities await this team of students and adult leaders, including serving and learning from those that love the Eastern Shore community. This group will complete work projects, help serve in a local food bank, visit nursing home residents, and spend time with adults with disabilities. They will also serve at Kids Club, which is a unique experience on the Shore, as most of the kids who come are children of Hispanic immigrants working in the community.


Kenya AIC Zion Trip

Date: July 6-16, 2018
Team Size: Up to 10 adults (18 years and older)
Cost: $3,200
Host Missionary: Rev. Johnson Wambua
Organization: AIC Zion
Trip Leader: Matthew Lucas
Application Deadline: CLOSED

The primary focus will be ministering to the pastoral and teaching staff at AIC Zion, helping to better equip them by
broadening their skill sets. There may also be opportunities for various projects, as well as serving through teaching,
preaching, worship, and helping with a new school in the Great Rift Valley. This trip requires a diverse team of people who can serve in a variety of ways.


Senior High Panama Mission Trip

Date: July 16-27, 2018
Team Size: Up to 60 Sudents and Leaders
Cost: $1,650
Host Missionary: Traci Delibasich
Organization: Word of Life Panama
Trip Leader: Lorraine Shipman
Application Deadline: CLOSED

This team will support the work of Traci Delibasich and Word of Life by exposing new kids to the love of Christ through visits to local schools and drama performances. This ministry is a critical cog in Word of Life’s continued attempts to reach new youth with the Gospel.


Honduras Trip

Date: August 2018
Team Size: Up to 12 adults
Cost: $1,700
Organization: Impacto Church
Trip Leader: TBD
Application Deadline: TBD

The Bible Chapel has been partnering in ministry with Impacto Church for seven years. We have helped them in church planting, evangelism and construction. This team will be working alongside Impacto and holding different seminars focused on marriage, missions and evangelism. The team will also assist Impacto in the surrounding communities doing door to door evangelism and VBS activities for children.


Hungary Mission Trip

Date: Early October 2018
Team Size: Up to 12 adults (18 years and older)
Cost: $2,000
Host Missionary: Gabi and Mara Madaraz
Organization: CRU
Trip Leader: Ryan Middleton, Jonathan and Meagan Lingenhoel
Application Deadline: Spring 2018

Attend a Trip Meeting

This team will travel to Hungary to join our newest missionaries, Gabi and Mara Madarasz. This week is called BHHP - Bringing into the Hungarian Harvest Project. This team will have the opportunity to go to Hungarian High School classrooms and have topical conversations and discussions. This will lead to invitation to an event where the Gospel is presented.

Additionally, this team will go to universities and do street evangelism, organize dorm events and facilitate Bible studies. Hungarians are very curious about faith and spiritual life, as they are a former communist country very interested in the topic.


Women's Panama Mission Trip

Date: Early October 2018
Team Size: 3-8 women
Cost: $1,500
Host Missionary: Traci Delibasich
Organization: Word of Life Panama
Trip Leader: TBD
Application Deadline: Spring 2018

This team will assist in hosting a three-day conference at the Word of Life Camp for local Panamanian women. They provide support to the Panamanian conference leaders through setup, crafts, entertainment, and clean up. This trip is a great fit for women interested in mentoring and helping other women.


Panama Bible Camp Week Trip

Date: January 2019
Team Size: Up to 15 adults and teens (ages 16 and up)
Cost: $1,500
Host Missionary: Traci Delibasich
Organization: Word of Life
Trip Leader: TBD
Application Deadline: September 30, 2018

This team will serve at the Word of Life Camp during scholarship week, when children who cannot afford camp, including those from a local orphanage, get the opportunity
to attend. The team will assist Word of Life staff members as they minister to about 300 children through a variety of camp activities, including lifeguarding, sports, crafts, and other programming. Their main purpose, however, is to represent Christ to many children who desperately need to know they are loved.

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A Look Back on Our Past Mission Trips


Teams from The Bible Chapel served on several successful trips in 2017-18! We brought practical help and critical services to men, women, and children in desperate circumstances, and more importantly, we brought them the hope of Jesus Christ.




How you can serve

You are a vital part of missions at The Bible Chapel. There are three key components of missions work where you can make an impact: