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Welcome to Elementary Ministry

In elementary school, kids develop social lives, busier schedules, and more of their own ideas - and at The Bible Chapel, we want to walk beside them through all of it. More importantly, we aim to teach them that Jesus wants to walk beside them through all of it.

If you are a parent of an elementary-age child, we invite your child to experience worship and a Bible lesson with us as you attend service or a class.

Across all campuses, the following values drive everything we do with the elementary kids:


Elementary Locations and Times

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Elementary Check-In

At The Bible Chapel, we use a secure check-in procedure that matches children with their parents or guardians to ensure safe and smooth drop-off and pick-up.

Check-in starts 30 minutes before each service time. Each campus has a designated area for children's check-in. Our volunteers are always standing by and ready to help you with this process.

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Each Week in Elementary


Elementary kids have a home with us every weekend, where we sing, play, talk, and pray together, and dive into God's Word with creative games and activities. Things might look a little different depending upon the campus and service you attend, but everything we do has a singular purpose: to develop kids as followers of Jesus Christ.

Each time the elementary kids meet, they follow a basic routine:

Arrive and Hang Time

As the kids arrive, we give them some unstructured time to talk, play a quick game or two, be a little silly if they want, and get settled.

Large Group

Depending on the campus and service you attend, elementary kids gather for their own worship. We sing and dance to current Christian music that engages them and have a Bible lesson.


The kids usually do an activity that corresponds to the Bible lesson. It might be a game, craft, a friendly team competition, or a challenge.

Small Groups

Elementary kids get into small groups, where they can talk about the lesson, share what's going on in their lives, and pray for each other.

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The Bible Chapel offers many opportunities for kids to engage with each other and grow closer to Jesus Christ.


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