Children's Ministry Volunteer Training

Welcome to the Children's Ministry Training

Thank you for serving on the Children's Ministry team! We want you to know that the time you invest is truly worthwhile: you will make a difference in the lives of children here at The Bible Chapel. We could not minister to these children without your help. Thank you!

On this page you will find our training resources. If you have questions or concerns about training, we would be happy to talk with you. Contact us at , or call us at (724) 941-8990.

Children's Ministry Training Videos

Please watch the following two videos in their entirety.


ALICE and Emergency Action Plan Training

Please watch the Emergency Action Plan Training and take the short quiz that follows.



Reducing the Risk



Children's Ministry Volunteer Information

Please review and complete the following information:

Children's Ministry Training Sessions

You must attend one training session at The Bible Chapel in order to volunteer in Children's Ministry. Each session is about an hour in length. Each campus holds training sessions in the Fall.

Upcoming Trainings:



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