Beyond These Walls Updates

Beyond These Walls is in our DNA and our fabric as a church. Beyond These Walls initiatives have been the catalyst for visionary projects and ministry work over the past ten years.

Take a moment to catch up on what the Lord has been doing through Beyond These Walls!




Thanks to your generosity, this year we were able to not only pay our required yearly mortgage installment of $486,000 months earlier than necessary, we were also able to put an additional $400,000 toward our mortgage balance. These two efforts combined saved us $31,000 in interest for 2018!

Facility Upgrades

In our Junior High room at the South Hills Campus, we have been able to complete renovations to make the space fresh and new for our students. New paint, lighting, room arrangement, sound equipment and furniture all make the room inviting and functional for the (number) of kids who worship and learn there each week.

The Children’s Ministry Expansion project in Washington has been completed! The space is not only a fantastic blessing to our children, but also to the youth as they use it each week for Bible study, fellowship, and meeting space.




Monongahela Campus

Our Rostraver Campus is the newest addition to our Bible Chapel family, and we are so thankful for the way God is moving in this portion of our congregation. More than 80 children and youth are attending each week for discipleship, mentoring and teaching, and the campus has also launched mentoring for men and women. The campus is also pursuing opportunities within the community to create connection and share the message of Christ. Events like VBS and Community Day have been a great jumping off point, and there are plans and vision in the works for many more opportunities coming soon.

Washington Recovery

We are thrilled to welcome Dave Shields on staff as our Director of Recovery, who has enabled us to hit the ground running with our recovery efforts in Washington. In September 2018, we kicked off our weekly recovery worship service and meetings to minister to not only those struggling with addiction, but also anyone who has been affected by this epidemic, including family and friends. Now that the weekly services are in place, we are planning for the launch of Recovery Core Groups, which will provide opportunities for relational discipleship and support groups for the loved ones of those suffering from addiction.


New Campus

God is moving in big ways in the South Side area, and we are exploring ways to carry out the vision for this new campus.

Wilkinsburg Preschool

Please pray as we search for the proper staffing for our Tender Shepherd Preschool in Wilkinsburg!



Discipleship and Church Engagement

Since the reactivation of The Journey in January 2018, all monies committed to Discipleship and Church Engagement are supporting The Journey’s vision of advancing relevant Bible teaching through digital platforms, equipping individuals and churches with personal Bible engagement, and resourcing churches in the areas of assessment and discipleship curriculum. Through daily radio broadcasts on WORD FM, the Living Grounded curriculum, and more, we pray God continues to open doors for us to minister to people on a daily basis.






Your response to Beyond These Walls is making a difference around the world as well. In Kenya, previous BTW initiatives have allowed us to begin a secondary school by launching grades 9 and 10. This past January, your recent commitments allowed us to launch grade 11 by purchasing land and constructing the building. This coming January, Grade 12 will be launched with the help of your gifts and prayers. Also in Kenya, we were able to begin a medical clinic with your BTW gifts. Over the past four years, the clinic has been increasingly independent, and we have been able to gradually decrease our operational support and allow them to be completely self-sufficient. We are happy to report that we provided our final support payment to them, and they are now running on their own!


In February of 2018, leadership conducted a vision trip to Thailand to explore potential for future ministry opportunities in addition to continuing our work with Faith House.